Sliced Bread Labs makes web. We do experiments, looking for new and interesting. Sometimes our experiments turn into cool things you can use. Other times they explode.



@font-your-face is a web font interface for Drupal. With connections to Typekit, Google Web Fonts, Fonts.com, and many other providers, @font-your-face gives Drupal the most complete font selection on the web. It's also delightfully easy to use. We've worked directly with many web font providers to create and improve their public APIs, benefiting not only the 20,000+ sites running @font-your-face, but also typography across the web.


Webstocks is a virtual stock market game that uses Drupal.org projects as stocks and usage numbers for those projects as prices. This allows players to virtually invest in what they think will be the future of Drupal, a widely-used open source content management system. The game takes a lot of implicit knowledge in Drupal's diverse and distributed community and makes it more explicit, while providing a fun distraction for some of the most active contributors to Drupal.

Can I Marry Gay?

can.imarrygay.com is a database of gay marriage laws throughout America. As these laws are rapidly changing, it can be hard to keep track of the current legal situation in any state. can.imarrygay.com makes it fun and easy to see any state's gay marriage law, while wherecan.imarrygay.com shows a quick list of states in which gay marriage is currently legal.